Non-VT Student Portal Credential Creation

This page is to be used by individuals who are classified as Visiting Scholars or members of our partner schools who are attending the Northern Capital Region campus in Alexandria who will be living in The Gallery facility. By registering your credentials, we will be able to give you access to the StarRez Portal.

This page should NOT be used by students normally enrolled at Virginia Tech. If you have an email address you should not use this page! It should not be used by summer conference guests. Attempting to use this page and create an alternate login will negatively affect your records and StarRez Portal use. Any action taken on the portal using this login by these students will be negated and deleted.

Please enter your non-VT e-mail address below and the ID number (starting with 905 or 906) that you have previously received. This will generate an email to you which will then allow you to set a password for your StarRez Portal account (you will log in with your email and that password).

If you have any questions, please contact